Welcome to Griffin's Judo & Karate/Kajukenbo International

This Website is a home for the Ambassadors of the Griffin's System of Martial Arts to Honor our teacher, Senior Grand Master Griffin.

From its long history to the modern day, the authentic martial arts of Griffin's Judo and Karate schools have endured the test of time. Whether your interests are self-defense, self-confidence, fitness, discipline, authenticity or instilling solid core values, this unique style of training has consistently shown to bring out the best in those who train here.

Senior Grand Master Kalaii Kano Griffin spent his entire life learning and teaching the martial arts. He was known around the world as a legend in the arts and as a true humantitarian. His style of instruction has proven to bring results in every individual who trains in his program.

As the true successors to his heritage, we welcome you to spend some time on these pages, learn about us and to contact the location best suited for you for further discussion.

In the True Spirit of the Martial Arts,

Welcome to Our Ohana

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" - Lao-tzu